Galleries — Fine Art

My ‘FINE ART’ celebrates the beauty of the human body. I strive to create images that are
elegant and classic. A collaboration with me will offer you a way of capturing your body
at a beautiful time in your life: the result equally welcome in a public art gallery or
proudly hung on your wall at home. My nudes are always rendered anonymously
unless otherwise requested by the model. I think the quote below from an
initially shy and hesitant model proves that working with me may be
easier than you think.

“Dermot, you have a modest, professional, and approachable air. I was relieved that there was no tension or uptightness while working with you. I felt great comfort in your presence. Your sensitivity had me feeling at ease and safe. It was reassuring and uplifting to hear your beautiful comments about your photos of me, not just after the shoot, but as they were being taken. You have demonstrated that your desire to create, stems from a deep passion for your art and the utmost respect and admiration for the beauty of the female body.”

— Mary M, Former Model

New models are always welcome and complete confidentiality assured. Please click on
CONTACT above to work with me as a paid model or to have your own
FINE ART portrait drawn.

Dermot McCann is a strong supporter of
The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.